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Ripples Newsletter - JULY 2017





  News Letter Contents:

  Editors Choice Tippets
  Club Fly Tying Day
  June Fly Tying Competition
  September Competition Fly
  Annual Photo Competition
  Presidents Annual Report 2017 - Dave Harris
  Fly Tying Day - Sunday August 6th
  Rise Film Festival 2017
  Annual Fish Competition
  Name This Stream Competition
  Coming Events

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2016-2017 Events Calendar



PLEASE NOTE: Meetings at Fish & Game, 17 Eye Street, Invercargill


Southern Rural Fire Authority

Southern Rural Fire Authority
Southern Rural Fire Authority
No matter if you are at home, or out in the country enjoying your sport,you need to know the Fire Regulations, and know what you should do if you spot a fire and think there is a Fire Ban in place.