Library Book List

The SFFC has a very comprehensive Library of Books & DVD's.

These can be borrowed one month and returned the next.



Name & Author:

A Cast in Time - Alex Gillett

A Fine Kettle of Fish Stories - E Zern

A Fisherman's year [2 copies] - John Parsons

A Fly on the Stream - John Turnbull

A Further Guide to Fly Dressing - John Veniard

A Modern Dry Fly Code - Vincent Marinaro

A Taupo Fishing Guide - Gary Kemsley

A Taupo Fishing Guide - Gary Kemsley

A Trout Fishing Guide (South Island) [2 copies] - Tony Busch

Advanced Trout Fishing - Peter Gould

American Trout Fishing - Theodore Gordon

An Anglers Entomology - Harris

Anglers Flies - Simpson & McGavin

Anglers' Paradise - B & N Tichborne

Angling in New Zealand - Keith Draper

Australian and NZ Fishing

Boy Fisherman - Keith Draper

Brown Trout Heaven - Zane Mirfin

Catching Trout - Hill & Marshall

Chauncy Lively's Fly Box - Chauncy Lively

Classic Fly Fishing - John Kent & David Hallett

Come Wade the River - Ralph Wahl

Common Insects in NZ - D Miller

Complete Book on Fly Fishing - Joe Brooks

Deceiving Trout, The Flytiers Art [2 copies] - John Parsons

Designing Trout Flies - Gary Borger

Dressing Flies for Salt and Fresh Water - Jorgensen

Dry Fly Fishing for Trout - Tony Ritchie

Essential Trout Flies - Dave Hughes

Finding Feeding Trout - Tony Ritchie

Fishermen's Digest (The Anniversary Deluxe Edititon) - Erwin A Bauer

Fishermen's Knots - Tom McNally

Fishing the Dry Fly - Dermot Wilson

Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect - Leonard M Wright

Fishing the Nymph - Jim Quick

Fishing the Wild Places - Tony Orman

Fishing with Flies - T R Wilkie Millar

Fishing with Ray Bergman - Ray Bergman

Fishless Days, Angling Nights - Sparse Grey Hackle

Flies for Fish and Fishermen - Helen Shaw

Fly Dressers' Guide [2 copies] - John Veniard

Fly Dressing Guide - John Veniard

Fly Fishing (A Beginners Guide) - David Lee

Fly Fishing for Beginners - Keith Draper

Fly Fishing in New Zealand - George Ferris

Fly Fishing Strategy - Swisher & Richards

Fly Patterns - Randall Kaufmann

Fly Tying - Helen Shaw

Flybox - Norman Marsh

Fly-Tying Materials - E Leiser

Fly-Tying Problems and Their Answers [2 copies] - Veniard & Downs

Fly-Tying, Spinning & Tackle Making - G L Herter

Gone Fishing (A New Zealand Saltwater Anthology) - Tony Orman

Good for a Laugh - Bennett Cerf

How to Teach Yourself Fly Casting - Mike Weddell

Images of Silver - Hill & Marshall

In Pursuit of Trout #2 - Fish & Game

In the Ring of the Rise - V C Marinaro

Index of Orvis Fly Patterns - J Harder

Just Fishing - Ray Bergman

Lee Wulff on Flies [2 copies] - Lee Wulff

Look Closely [2 copies] - John McInnes

Lord Suffer Me to Catch a Fish - A R Mills

Magic in the Mountains - Murray Rodgers

Master Fly-Tying Guide - Art Flick

Master of Fly Tying #3 - Fish & Game

Matching the Hatch [2 copies] - E Schwiebert

Memories of NZ Deerstalking - Tony Orman

Nelson Trout Fishing Club Recipe Book

New Zealand Fly Tying - Hugh McDowell

New Zealand's Treasury of Trout & Salmon an Angling Anthology - Parsons & Hammond

Norman Marsh's Trout Fishing [2] - Norman Marsh

North Island Trout Fishing Guide - John Kent

Not a Proper Fishing Day At All - Alex Gillett

Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout Minor Tactics of Chalk Stream - Skues

Nymphs - E Schwiebert

Nymphs and the Trout - Frank Sawyer

NZ Trout Flies - Keith Draper

Parson Glory - John Parsons

Parsons' Passion - John Parsons

Remembrances of Rivers Past - E Schwiebert

Round the Bend in the Stream - H Fysh

Selective Trout [2] - Doug Swisher & Carl Richards

Stalking Trout - Hill & Marshall

Stillwater Trout - John Merwin

Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing - Joseph Bates

Tactics on Trout - Ray Ovington

Ten of the Best NZ Trout Flies [2 copies] - Mike Weddell

The Anglers Companion - Brian Murphy

The Angler's Cookbook - Stewart Reidpath

The Artful Science of Trout Fishing - John Hayes & Les Hill

The Caddis and the Angler - Solomon & Leiser

The Compleat Brown Trout - Heacox

The Complete - Angler Izaak Walton

The Easy Fishing Omnibus

The Flies In My Hat [2 copies] - Greg Kelly

The Fly Tyers Manual - Mike Dawes

The Fly Tying Bible - Peter Gatherole

The Fly-Tyer's Almanac [2 copies] - RH Boyle & D Whitlock

The Guide to Trout Fishing in Otago - Brian Turner

The Lake Taupo Boating and Cruising Handbook - Micheal Drake

The Last Pool - Howard Walden

The Maori as a Fisherman - Tamati R Poate

The Masters on the Dry Fly - J Michael Migel & Dave Whitlock

The Masters on the Nymph - Migel & Wright

The New Illustrated Dictionary of Trout Flies - John Roberts

The One That Got Away - Harry Hill

The Pursuit of Still Water Trout - B Clarke

The Scream of the Reel - J Pollard

The Seven Rivers - Douglas Stewart

The Sport in Fising - Tony Orman

The Trout and I - George Ferris

The Trout and the Fly [2 copies] - Brian Clarke & John Goddard

The Trout are Rising - George Ferris

The Trout Stream Papers - Tony Orman & Daryl Crimp

The Truth About Trout - Robert Sloane

The Truth About Trout Flies - Tony Sloane

The Way of a Trout with a Fly - Skues

The Young Angler - Norman Marsh

Tie A Fly - Keith Draper

Trophy Trout - Bob South

Trout - Ray Bergman

Trout - vol 1 [2 copies] - E Schwiebert

Trout - vol 2 [2 copies] - E Schwiebert

Trout & Salmon Flies - John Buckland

Trout and Salmon Sport in NZ - Tony Orman

Trout Fishing and Trout Flies - Jim Quick

Trout Fishing in New Zealand - Rex Forrester

Trout Fishing in Southland NZ (1964) - Fish & Game

Trout Fishing in Southland NZ (1989) - Fish & Game

Trout Fishing in Southland NZ (2008) - Fish & Game

Trout Flies - David Hughes

Trout Flies in New Zealand - Keith Draper

Trout Fly Patterns - Taff Price

Trout Lochs of Scotland - Bruce Sandison

Trout Madness Traver Trout on a Nymph - Tony Orman

Trout Quest - David Scholes

Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand [3 copies] - Norman Marsh

Trout with Flair & Taste (Cookbook) - Jean Malla

Trout with Nymph [2 copies] - Tony Orman

Troutfishing - Norman Marsh

Trouts Larder - Duncan Grey & Jens Zollhoefer

Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymph - Rosborough

Tying Flies (Centre Fire) - Jack Dennis

Tying Flies with CDC - Leon Links

Tying Foam Flies - Skip Morris

Western Trout Fly Tying Manual - Jack Dennis


DVD, Name, Author,

Casts That Catch Fish

Destination Trout NZ

Flies That Catch Fisk - vol1

Flies That Catch Fisk - vol2

In Search of a Rising Tide Jamie Howard New Zealand Fishing Adventures - vol 1 Neslon District

New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventures - Murcheson & West Coast vol2

NZ Trophy Waters - vol 1

NZ Trophy Waters - vol 2

NZ Trophy Waters - vol 3

NZ Trophy Waters - vol 4

NZ Trophy Waters - vol 5

NZ Trophy Waters - vol 6

Once In A Blue Moon

Running Down The Man

The Essence of Fly Casting Mel Krieger Tie A Fly John Morton Trout Bum Diaries #2 - Kiwi Camo

Trout Fishing with Des Taylor