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 Ripples Newsletter - November 2020





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  Fly Fisng Course - January 30,31 2021
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Fly Fishing Course 2021

30/31st January 2021.

Be in to WIN a great Vest (similar to the photo)
from our sponsors, Hunting & Fishing - Invercargill, and Manic Tackle


Mike Weddell a well known fly fishing and fly tying instructor is once again teaching Fly Fishing and everything that goes with it, here in Invercargill on the dates above.

His relaxed nature and wealth of knowledge makes this a course for anyone from people just thinking about fly fishing, to someone who has perhaps started on their own and been dabbling in fly fishing for a couple years.

The first day is theory on everything from what fish eat to techniques in present the right fly to the trout, to what fishing gear you should purchase.

We only take 16 pupils per course, and once full, people can go on the waiting list in case someone pulls out.  The course is normally full by xmas, often given as a xmas present.


For more information on the course refer to the following documents;

Full Course Information

Registration Form

Course costs $55 per day

Current Newsletter


 Ripples Newsletter - February 2021






  News Letter Contents:

  Presidents Report
  Fly Fishing Course
  Club Trip to Lake Alexandrina
  February Club Day Trip
  February Monthly Meeting - On the River
  On the Fly Festival - Gore- February 20th


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